The Back-To-School Blues and Mrs. GrumbleButt’s Bossy Pants

backtoschool     It happens every year when school starts back. It’s all good until the children show up for class, then suddenly Mrs. GrumbleButt finds her Bossy Pants.  We go from having relatively normal adult conversations to having conversations (if you can call it a conversation) like this little gem we had last night while  in the back yard.

I was piddling around in the garden, and she was watching me while we chatted about her day. Then THIS happened…

Mrs. GB: Do you see that vine?

Me: *standing amongst a gazillion vines of different varieties and ALSO not wanting to incite any bossy episodes* Which vine?

Mrs. GB: *HEAVY sigh accompanied by a disappointed and crusty look* Alright. LISTEN TO ME. Follow the hose.

Me: What? I thought we were talking about a vine?

Mrs. GB: JUST DO WHAT I’M TELLING YOU TO DO. Followthehosefollowthehosefollowthehose. STOP! Do you see that sweet potato vine? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Me: *while obediently “doing something” about the sweet potato vine* You know…if you had just said “sweet potato vine” to start with we could have avoided that little game of Blind Man’s Bluff we just played.

Mrs. GB: I did say sweet potato vine. You just weren’t paying proper attention. (She did NOT say “sweet potato vine” and you can scroll back to the top of this conversation to confirm this for a fact.)

Me: Ummmmmm…..I’m not a 6th grader.

Mrs. GB: Of course you aren’t. *another significantly heavy sigh* Of course you aren’t.

Me: How about I get you a beer?


Yep. The Bossy Pants are back. They always come back. Happy back to school, and also RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.