My Awesome Communication Skills Are Slipping

idiotsI have had quite a few jobs in my life. No matter what it was I was doing, the bottom line for all of my personal and professional endeavors has always been to communicate. I communicate an idea to my audience, try to evoke response and instill comprehension, and guide them towards mastery through support or action.

I’m not saying I’m the best ever super genius at communicating, but I am saying that I have pretty much managed to make a living doing it.

So when I hit a streak of being unable to properly communicate my ideas or my intent, I start to worry about myself. Have I become jaded? Have I lost my patience? Have I become strident and overbearing (I mean more than my usual amount)? Am I losing my groove? Is my mojo on vacation? Am I speaking English?

I have spent much time reflecting on this the last few days. I have been very introspective about my part in these episodes, and wondered if I was indeed the hub of the wheel.

And then it dawned on me. The answer was there all along. I had forgotten the most important component of all. People. Are. Idiots. Oh, yeah. How could I forget. Now I feel better.