I’m Only Saying This Once: GrumbleButt on Weiner (and other miscreants)

weiner     It’s almost like shooting fish in a barrel, the Anthony Weiner jokes just write themselves. But amid the hilarity of Carlos Danger, he’s been showing us who he is as a person. First, and painfully most obvious are the dick pics. I understand that this is a really popular hobby among some folks, but there are just some things that preclude you from ever being taken seriously again. One of them is calling yourself “Carlos Danger” when your government name is Weiner. Another is showing the world your junk. Calling yourself “Carlos Danger” WHILE showing the world your junk is definitely the end of your public career…unless he decides to become a Republican.

Weiner is probably styling his “Little Carlos” for a photo shoot right now. He was too stupid to quit “sharing” after being made a national laughing stock, I’m pretty sure he’s stupid enough to keep right on to this very moment. Who knows how many Twitter accounts Carlos has?

But there are a few objective observations one could make about this hot mess. Things like the fact that Weiner doesn’t mind using his “celebrity” to coerce women into playing his little games. More than one of the women said she became part of Weiner’s twitfest because they “respected and admired” Weiner. It takes a pretty low sort to take the respect and admiration of young people and then use it as a launching pad for your penis. Total dick move in more ways than one.

Weiner has also shown himself to be an incredibly poor judge of character. The now infamous “slutbag” rant of his senior campaign staffer is proof of that. He also expected all of these random women to keep his “little secret”. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

When asked about the state of his relationship with longtime pal, Jon Stewart, Weiner talked about how he wasn’t mad at Stewart because he’s a comedian just doing his job. It doesn’t seem to occur to him that Stewart might have a reason to be mad at him. After all, when this whole thing came out (so to speak) and Weiner was busy denying and accusing nefarious hackers of tweeting the dick pics, Jon Stewart stood up for his friend. He took him at his word and defended him in the most public way possible. Only to find out later, with the rest of us. that Weiner was a big fat liar. But Weiner isn’t mad at him. Nice.

And last but not least, there’s all the humiliation Weiner has heaped on his wife. His wife who just gave birth to his child. I can only assume Weiner was playing Carlos Danger the whole time she was pregnant. And now, in an effort to curry favor with the press, he’s completely sold out his wife AND her boss by talking about what role she might have, if any, in the 2016 presidential campaign. No price is too high to change the subject, and it seems like his wife is always paying the tab.

So to sum up…I really don’t give a shit about what Weiner does in his spare time. If his wife doesn’t care about Weiner’s weiner being water cooler conversation then neither do I. What I do care about is what these actions show us about the man, and I use the term in the loosest way possible, and his moral compass. It doesn’t point to true north. And it’s starting to look like he doesn’t even have true north ON his compass. I don’t understand why people say we shouldn’t consider these things when deciding who to vote for. If they lack the judgment to see how these things are just wrong, how we can trust them to recognize what is in the best interest of the common good. If they will lie about stupid shit like this, what will they do when big stuff happens? Embarrassing stuff? CORRUPT stuff? Why should we give them the keys to the candy store when they are lying about grabby fingers? Weiner, please pull out…pun totally intended.

And that brings me to another miscreant. Bob Filner. We’re all familiar with his inability to keep his hands to himself by now. Here are the things I find very telling about THIS nut job. First of all, sexually harassing survivors of sexual predators WHILE they are seeking help to overcome what has happened to them is about the lowest thing I have ever heard of. Add to that Filner’s claim that the state of California is responsible for his misdeeds because they never trained how NOT to be an asshole, and this guy is DONE.

How can two men, seemingly well-educated and not raised by wolves, not realize that this kind of behavior is socially and morally unacceptable in the people we choose to lead us? How on earth can they BOTH claim they aren’t sure where the line is. This is obviously an area where we are simply failing as a society.

So leave the stage, boys. Leave the stage. We want GROWN UPS on our ballot. If you can’t keep your hands and other body parts to yourself, we just can’t give you our votes.