Happy SC Primary Eve, The Fed Got Ripped Off, Anonymous Bad Ass, SOPA On The Ropes

PLEASE, Let It End…

About the best thing you can say about the South Carolina Republican primary is that it is almost over.  The GOP is famous for it’s effective use of vitriolic rhetoric, but they have really outdone themselves this year in South Carolina.  Gingrich has been hitting Romney hard for, and I can’t believe I’m about to say this, being a CAPITALIST.  It seems natural that the Democrats would try to co-op #OWS populist message of the 1%’s arrogance and privilege, but the Republicans? And even more surprisingly, Gingrich seems to be having some success with his strategy.  Since the GOP road show arrived in SC, Gingrich has hammered Romney relentlessly for the way he made his money, where he keeps his money and anything else he can think up that involves Romney being uber-rich and out of touch.  Gingrich has steadily closed the gap between him and the alleged front runner, Romney. No one is more surprised than me.

I honestly thought that Santorum would be the one to rise up and challenge Romney in the Palmetto State.  Evangelicals make up close to 70% of the South Carolina GOP, and on paper it looks like Santorum would be a better fit for them.  After all, Newt is an admitted adulterer who’s ethics are murky at best and Santorum is a militant pro-life “family man” even if he is a dreaded catholic.  But evangelicals love to forgive a sinner, and if the polls are right it looks like they have forgiven Newt.  This combined with Romney’s tax troubles and his inability to connect with “regular people” have provided Romney with what looks like the worst week he has had in quite some time.  Paul and Santorum still deserve notice, and it will be interesting to see how they do tomorrow. I’m still predicting that Santorum will outperform the polling.

But We Trusted Him!

In another interesting story today it looks like the Federal Reserve got ripped off.  An organization that should have the best cyber security in the world fell victim to a contractor named Bo Zhang, who swiped their proprietary software Government-Wide Accounting and Reporting Program (GWA) by simply downloading it onto an external hard drive.  FBI assistant director in charge Janice K. Fedarcyk said in a statement: “Zhang took advantage of the access that came with his trusted position to steal highly sensitive proprietary software. His intentions with regard to that software are immaterial. Stealing it and copying it threatened the security of vitally important source code.”  Zhang allegedly intended to use the program in a private computer training program.  The GWA software application is owned by the United States Treasury Department and is worth an estimated 9.5 million dollars.

They Are Legion, And Pretty Damn Bad-Ass Too…

In a response to the United State’s involvement of the shutdown of MegaUpload and subsequent arrest of it’s staff, the hactivist group Anonymous took down the web sites of the Department of Justice, the Motion Picture Association of America, and a few other major sites.  What you might not realize is that YOU may have played a role in their reprisal. That’s right, YOU.  Those Anonymous cats are bad ass.  They want you to know that they are legion, and they are coming. Personally, I believe them.

SOPA On The Ropes

It doesn’t seem to happen to often anymore, but it looks like congress actually listened to the citizens they are supposed to be representing.  Senator Harry Reid announced today that he has put a hold on bringing PIPA up for a vote, and SOPA seems to be dying a slow death as well.  It seems to be one of the few topics the DEMs and the GOP have found some common ground on, as the GOP candidates voiced their resounding objections to the legislation in last night’s debate.  If you are still unclear on what this legislation means to a free and open internet, check out this video.  Congratulations, citizens…you finally got one in the win column.

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