I have to admit, the sheer arrogance of this just blew my mind. But then I remembered Sheriff John Darr is the same guy who tried to use his Office to keep a convicted felon out of prison because he was his “friend.” Sunny Shah also just happened to be a large contributor to Darr’s campaign. You’d think that whole shameful episode would have made him a little more careful about who he accepted money from in the current election. Turns out, not so much.

If you somehow missed the whole Sunny Shah disgrace, this short video will bring you up to speed.

One of the many law firms that Sheriff John Darr has used to sue the taxpayers of Columbus WITH our taxpayer money to get MORE of our taxpayer money is a firm in Perry, Georgia, called Walker, Hulbert, Gray and Moore. The Moore that is the last name in that firm partnership is Kellye Moore, one of Darr’s lead attorneys.

Walker, Hulbert, Gray and Moore have pocketed hundreds of thousands of Columbus taxpayer dollars by not only suing us with the frivolous lawsuit that Darr ultimately lost, but by continuing to milk their cash cow, the Columbus taxpayer, for as long as they can by refusing to accept a Superior Court judge’s ruling. Now they are charging us for things like “preparing” Sheriff Darr to appear before Council (long after the vast bulk of their lawsuit was dismissed by the court). They want as much of Columbus’ tax dollars as they can get, at a time when we are having to dip into our reserves to cover Sheriff Darr’s legal fees and continued massive budget overruns.

They have no intention of letting go of the cash cow they have found in Sheriff John Darr.
darr-walker-hulbert-contributionSo it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they are contributing to Darr’s re-election attempt for a third term. And unbelievably, despite the hundreds of thousand of OUR dollars they continue to line their pockets with, they gave him a paltry $150.00. That makes me suspicious. Because, you see, Sheriff John Darr has chosen not to itemize the cash contributions of $100 or less he has taken in. He is not legally required to, but since we now know that he doesn’t mind taking contributions from shady characters like Sunny Shah (contributions that to my knowledge Darr has never returned nor offered to donate to charity), I have to wonder where that $2500 in un-itemized contributions came from. Did every attorney in the 3 law firms he is making rich at the taxpayers expense give him a $99 contribution to skirt the disclosure laws? I call on Sheriff John Darr to IMMEDIATELY disclose where every last cent of his un-itemized contributions came from. I think the citizens have probable cause to question his judgment about who he is willing to take money from.

Yeah, I’m sure Kellye Moore and her partners would love nothing more than a third term of John Darr paying them to prepare him for Council and to continue to pursue whatever frivolous litigation their little hearts desire. That would pretty much give them 4 more years to gorge themselves at the trough of the Columbus taxpayer.

Because believe me, they are getting fat at ALL our expense. And they REALLY want a third term for the sheriff who can’t seem to manage his duties without the support of very expensive lawyers.

It’s time for a change, Columbus. A change for the better.

Peace and Love,